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Siodła Elfab Horse


The „Dreamer” saddle is the original project, which was created as the result of many years of experience and a collaboration with various Grand Prix competitors. The construction with a monoplane saddle flap is designed to support horse’s blade-bone movement, allowing back muscles to work freely. Without a doubt, it is an important factor of correct development of horse’s topline muscle. The saddle has a seat that allows perfect weight distribution of a rider and an optimal close contact with a horse. A block stabilizes the knee and the thigh, without uncomfortable blocking, yet giving freedom to move easily at the same time.


The “Magic” is the newest model of the brand. The project is an achievement that has been made with many reflections, experiences and observations that were delivered by the riders who perform and train in Elfab Horse saddles. This model has an improved design, very comfortable seat and blocks that visually make the leg longer. It allows stable and steady mount by holding the thigh with a free-knee system. Moreover, its construction let the blade-bone move freely and the narrowed down twist guarantees maximum comfort, both for horses and riders. The model was designed to fulfill ones aesthetical needs – it has been decorated with elements of lacquered leather with Swarovski crystals.


The “Dolmet” model is a saddle with a jumping profile – modern and really light, with an advanced technology of damping. The seat was made with a webflex saddle tree on tape tightening, which gives greater flexibility to rider’s equipment. It has a small block that guarantees freedom and mobility by providing stable support. On top of that, it allows horse’s back and blade-bones work freely and optimally.


The “Lora” is a reliable, very comfortable and universal rally saddle, which is used, for instance, by Polish horse police. It is designed for riders that spend in saddle long hours by giving them an extreme comfort and providing stable support for the legs. This model gives safety and stability, even when you need to jump over an obstacle in terrain. It is tremendously comfortable, even during long hours of work and long rallies. Additionally, the special stitches that guarantee air ventilation of the seat are the icing on the cake.

Materials used in the saddle making process are 100% from Europe. All of the saddles are produced in Poland with respect to the natural environment. The filling of saddles is made of natural wool. The equipment meets the highest standards of esthetics and can be customized to every customer’s needs – there is an option of making a model in chosen color – black, brown or mixed, and creating a project with use of other colors, stitching, and adding lacquered addition. We invite to cooperation!


ul. Wiejska 65, 44-156 Sierakowice, Poland